ScadutoInnovation in Pneumology 2.0 – Naples, october 12-14, 2023

Innovation in Pneumology 2.0
October 12-14, 2023


Scientific coordinator: Andrea Bianco
Scientific board: C. Calabrese, V. D’ Agnano, F. Perrotta, F. Scialò
Honorary President: Gennaro Mazzarella

VENUE • Università degli Studi di Napoli “Parthenope” – Villa Doria D’Angri Via Francesco Petrarca, 80 – 80123 Napoli
REGISTRATION FEE • €550,00 + 22% VAT (tot. € 671,00) The fee includes: conference kit, certificate of attendance, coffee breaks, work lunches, CME certification (to those entitled to).

CME • Awarded credits 21 recognized for MD with the following specialties: Allergology and Clinical Immunology; Anesthesia and Resuscitation; Cardiology; Epidemiology; Gastroenterology; General Medicine (Family Doctors); Geriatrics; Infectious Diseases; Internal Medicine; Neurology; Oncology; Pediatrics; Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation; Radiotherapy; Respiratory Diseases; Rheumatology; Radio Diagnostics; Thoracic Surgery.

CME CREDITS ACQUISITION • For the purpose of awarding educational credits, 90% of the proceedings must be attended. Attendance of participants on entry and exit will be noted with the signature register. Those interested should complete and return the learning verification questionnaire and the training event evaluation form to the organizing secretariat when collecting the certificate of attendance. Please Note: Receipt of credits, in accordance with current regulations, is still conditional on achieving at least 75 % of correct answers in the multiple-choice test administered.


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  • Innovation in Penumology 2.0
    12 Ottobre 2023 - 14 Ottobre 2023
    08:00 - 17:00


Napoli, Napoli, Italy

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